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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ten-Months Old

Parents aren't kidding when they say, "They grow so fast!" I can't even keep up with once-monthly updates for Faith. She was 10-months last Tuesday! Speaking of keeping up, she's gone mobile (and, no, I'm not just talking about her afinity for our iPhones):

All this time, we were saying that she'd probably just go straight to walking and skip the crawling part altogether, but low and behold, this girl has come to the realization that she can get around this way:

The old "be careful what you ask for" adage has never rung so true! Now, she just wants to be up and about all the time and getting into anything and everything within arms reach! Yippee!

Anyway, here are some more pictures to get you through another month (or so ;):

(I just love that look of determination that she gets on her face when she's discovering something new OR trying to get her socks off! I just wish I could capture it better.)

(Her socks-off victorious smirk.)

(Probably tuckered herself out in her hard-earned efforts to take those socks off!)

***CLOSED*** Skip Hop Giveaway and Review

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I know it's only a matter of time before we have to start looking through toddler beds for Faith, and, naturally, I'm inclined to check out the many options at CSN Stores. Why, you ask? Well, because the options are wide, the site is easy to navigate, and you can narrow down your choices easily based on things like price range, finish, material, brand, and customer rating. I mean, if you can't find just what you're looking for on this site, you'll be hard-pressed to find it elsewhere!

Among the many on their site, I like this one (but I'm telling you, there are ALOT on there, and if you can't find at least one that you like, well . . .):

But, I digress. I'm really here to share about what the fine people of CSN Stores sent me (and, stay tuned, because you're getting a chance to win 1 as well)! I love modern decor, and the Skip Hop brand really stands out as far as baby stuff that's both modern and functional. Faith has a collapsable hamper from Skip Hop in her nursery, and we just love it!

The Skip Hop Mod Dot Organizer is roomy, sturdy, and is a fabulous organizer. One of the great things about it is that because it does not blatantly scream "baby" or "nursery", your can hang it just about anywhere! The print, fabric, and colors of this product would work perfectly in an office or kitchen. We did end up hanging it in Faith's nursery, right above her changing table, giving us easy access to her diapers, cream, lotion, etc. You can see that alot of these items were beginning to clutter up behind her changing pad:

Pleasant Surprise: I like that the item included the fancy hooks that are shown in the picture (I was afraid those were just "for show"), and, for the most part, it was quick and easy to hang.

Not Too Sure
: The screws that came with the item were not very good at all, and we ended up having to use our own, but the fancy hooks were sturdy enough to use stronger screws with.

Head over to CSN and purchase your very own Skip Hop Mod Dot Organizer on sale right now for $18.98!

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THE FINE PRINT: Please note, CSN supplied me this product for review and will be responsible for supplying the winner the product as well. I was not paid for my post, and I provided my honest opinions. The opinions contained here are my own and may vary from others.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Nine-Months Old

Sorry about the delay on this post; I do realize it's been over a week since she turned 9 months (2/23). We had some photographs taken and were waiting on those to get back before posting, but in the meantime, I'll give you her wellness stats:

1. Weight 19 lbs 9 oz. (50-75th percentile)

2. Height 27 1/2 inches (50th percentile)

3. Head Circumference 46 (90-95th percentile, which I hope just means that she has a big brain brewing in there!)

Here's what she's got going on:

1. We've officially counted her first word as "Hi", which she said a couple of times about a month ago and now she's actually associating it with holding her hand up and waving

2. She's still not a crawler, although she does tolerate tummy-time better (probably hard to hold that huge head of hers ;)

3. She loves to walk: she loves her walker; she loves holding our fingers and just making a mad-dash across the room (we think that she may forego crawling and just go straight to walking)

4. She pulls up on her own

5. She knows (and hates) the word "No". When you tell her "No" she yells back and protests (it's like having a teenage girl already!)

6. She's eaten puffs, her first official solid, which she didn't know what to make of at first but now she holds them in her hand, puts them in her mouth, and chews on them:

7. She's cutting her first teeth (the bottom front 2; finally, it feels like she's been teething forever!)

8. A new one that Lola just showed me today: she'll touch her face or lips to your face if you ask for a kiss (awww!)

9. She's had her first snow:

For Your Consideration

Okay, in honor of the Oscars, this is a "teaser trailer" for my very first giveaway and review. Being the goober that I am, I'm pretty excited about this opportunity. A little while ago I wrote a post of my Top 7 Mommy Must-Haves. I've actually e-mailed this list out to girlfriends of mine who are now pregnant and just want my advice on these things. Now, I can also add that they should check out the OVER 200 stores of CSN, where they can shop for toddler beds to toys and everything in between (and I mean everything - it's literally a one stop shop)!

I mean, wouldn't Addybug just LOVE this:

So back to this special opportunity of mine. CSN Stores want to up the ante on my Top 7 and have offered me a Skip Hop Mod Dot Organizer for my consideration. Isn't it cute:

I can't wait to get it and use it, so stay tuned for my take on it and my VERY FIRST giveaway. See, I told you I was excited!

DISCLAIMER: Please note, CSN will supply me this product for review. I will not be paid for my post, and I will in turn provide my honest opinions. The opinions will be solely my own and may vary from others.