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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Vivy's Two Months and an Addy Milestone

Last week was Vivy's two-month mark, and here are her (very healthy) stats: 13 lbs 3 oz (85-95%), 22.25 in height (25-50%), and 39.75 in head circumference (85-95%). Click here to see how Addy measured up at 2 months (needless to say, Vivy is sort of winning the size race so far). Here are some pictures to get you through the next month:

Smiling up at her daddy:
 Sisters chillin' on the couch:
 Happily waiting in the pediatrician's waiting room ... she has no clue what awaits her (SHOTS):

 Have been slacking on the "real" picture-taking simply because it's so much easier to snap a quick shot on the phone ... PLUS, there's cool apps for these:

 Addy's very FIRST visit to the dentist, and she did GREAT: