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Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Yes, I admit it, here I am pregnant again! When I first came across the term “Rainbow Baby”, I wasn’t certain of the root of that terminology. And the only decent explanation I could think of was when I look at the magnificent beauty of a rainbow, I am reminded of God’s gifts and I will always think of Dylan. But I will also know, that at the end of that rainbow, another perfect prize awaits me and I am so blessed with the opportunity to go through these motions again.

Being pregnant after losing an infant comes with a barrage of emotions attached:
Excited, Nervous, Anxious, Paranoid, Cautious, Subdued, Judged, Joyful, Scared. It’s a real roller coaster of emotions to face, but it’s a ride that I take eagerly.

I desire to remind people not to forget about Dylan. And not to think, even for a second, that we have. For even in our joy, there will always be a little bit of grief attached. In our excitement, a little bit of fear. I know that prayers are coming in already, and every night I pray as well. We must put stock in that blind faith that God is here, walking this path with us and that this baby is already so loved and so tremendously cared for. And that's what we continue to do, day in and day out, KEEP THE FAITH.

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Domestic Goddess said...

CONGRATS! I clicked on your profile picture off the comment you left on my blog and noticed there was another blog listed. I was so happy to see your news. I am sure it has added more to the emotional roller coaster that you have already been on but you have such a great outlook and mindset, I was so happy to read your words. No matter the situation, the history, the present, the future...keeping the faith is all we can do!