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Sunday, March 15, 2009

26 Weeks = New Pics and New 'Do!

I'm a little over a week late on this, but I was just waiting to have new pictures taken so I could post everything at once. Anyway, our latest maternal fetal appointment went really well. I wish the tech got some better pictures, but I'll share what I have anyway. Also, the current stats are:

1. My BP was 155/82 (starting to creep up steadily, but I was expecting that as I head into the 3rd trimester here . . . will probably be upping the meds soon) 138/100 at the OB's office less than a week later (it's a little all over the place, but they'll keep watching it closely)

2. Baby's HR was 156 (strong and steady!)

3. Baby weighed 1.5 lbs (35th percentile = on the small end of normal)

4. Baby's foot measured 2 cm (just under an inch)

5. They were able to look at the heart more closely again this time and were able to see everything that they couldn't see before. The doctor said "the heart is perfect", so yay! As always, a big THANK YOU to everyone who is continuing to pray for us and this baby.


Domestic Goddess said...

PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!! "the heart is perfect" is SUCH an answer to prayer. What great news!!! I have been praying and will not cease!

I love the new do and the pictures are so cute! You look so happy!!!

Sara said...

You look fantastic!! Love the pictures. :)

I am so glad that everything is looking good with the baby - and your bp is staying relatively manageable. That is always nice, too.

Take care of yourself!!

Crystal said...

Awwww you DO look like an Anime character. How cute are you!!!!! I absolutely love it and the pictures turned out great. Did you go to Portrait Innovations? I can't remember where you said you were when I talked to you. I want one!! Thank God for the healthy heart! I can't wait to see the little booger. Still calling it a HE!