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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Quick Update and More Pictures!

As of Friday, we were 34 weeks along! Baby is looking good and growing well (4 lbs 5 oz - 45th percentile). Baby's HR was 163. My BP has been up (150/80), so I had to do my first 24-hour urine this weekend (I'd already done like 5 of these things by the time I was this far along with Dylan, so that's good). All in all, I still feel great.
Philipeanut's totally smirking in this picture:

Hand in the face, totally our kid:

Our luau-themed couples' shower:


Crystal said...

That is SUCH a girl!!! lol

Mail Clerk said...

yeah, i gotta say, that's more girl-ish than the last one. switching back to my original 'it's a girl' allegiance.

Jus and Kat said...

Well thanks guys, but IF it is a boy, he's gonna have such a complex (and before he's even born). I can't say I disagree about the pics though, I see girl too . . .

Joylynn said...

I hope you don't mind my comment, but it's so neat to see another Filipino/Caucasian couple!!! We live in a place where there is pretty much noooo diversity. My husband is Filipino, and we have two son's. Our oldest (from a previous marriage),is Caucasian and the baby is both Filipino & Cauc. We are a happily diverse family, that the Lord weaved together, in a beautiful way. I wish though, that we had other children for the Boy's to play with, that have some of the same culture going on.

It's really great. Matthew & Gabriel have both a grandma (whom they call Mee Mee) and they have their Lolo & Lola. : ) The Filipino culture is awesome. I just wish I could learn Tagalog!!!!!!!! lol I only know some words, here and there. I would love to be able to speak fluently.

Anyways, I am going to start following your blog. And yo are welcome to stop by mine, anytime. I pray the best for you, your husband and the baby. God bless you all!!

~ Joylynn P.